Full-Service Contract Manufacturing

With a US-based team and production facilities, strict quality assurance, and global experience, we lead your specific cookware and kitchen product from concept to full-scale manufacturing. Here’s what you can expect with SynergyOps.

Accelerate development - Leverage our experience and extensive resources to improve the speed and quality at which your products are manufactured.

Simplify operations – Let us take over manufacturing, testing, and quality-control, so you can focus on growth of your operations and customers.

Optimize profitability – Our scale and global networks provide unmatched efficiency, boosting your bottom-line and market satisfaction.

Who We Work With

We work with entrepreneurs and organizations that are seeking a large, involved solutions provider for a variety of services in the cookware product lifecycle.


Products and Finishes

We produce a variety of cookware and other stainless-steel and cast-aluminum items for your business needs, available with a variety of features and finishes.

Capabilities and Services

Along with scalable manufacturing, we offer capabilities at each stage of the product development life cycle, from initial product ideation and renderings to sourcing and logistics.


"As a US-based manufacturing partner, SynergyOps has been instrumental in helping us meet our customers’ demands while maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship."